How you spell 50

How do you write 50 in words?

Count in tens from 20 to 90. 20 = twenty. 30 = thirty. 40 = forty. 50 = fifty . 60 = sixty. 70 = seventy. 80 = eighty. 90 = ninety.

How do you spell 30 in words?

British Dictionary definitions for thirtieth being the ordinal number of thirty in counting order, position, time, etc: often written 30th . (as noun)the thirtieth of the month.

How do you spell 9 in words?

Here, in one simple chart, we provide all the information you’ll need. Check out the special tips for troublesome number words below the chart. Print our chart for spelling numbers. Spelling Numbers.

Cardinal number Ordinal number
6 six sixth
7 seven seventh
8 eight eighth
9 nine ninth

How do you spell 52 in English?

The answer is: fifty-two. Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as 52 .

How do you write 60 in words?

How to Write Out Number 60 in Words , in (US) American English, Number Converted (Spelled Out) Using Different Letter Cases 60 written in lowercase: sixty. WRITTEN IN UPPERCASE: SIXTY. Title Case: Sixty. Sentence case: Sixty.

What is the hardest English word to say?

The Most Difficult English Word To Pronounce Colonel. Penguin. Sixth. Isthmus. Anemone. Squirrel. Choir. Worcestershire.

What is the most difficult word to spell?

Top 10 hardest words to spell Misspell. Pharaoh. Weird. Intelligence . Pronunciation. Handkerchief. logorrhea. Chiaroscurist.

What is the longest word to spell?


How do you spell eat?

Correct spelling for the English word ” eat ” is [ˈiːt], [ˈiːt], [ˈiː_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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How do I spell the number 8?

Spelling numbers 1-10 one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight.

What is the spelling of 60?

The Pattern for 20 to 99

20 30 60
twenty thirty sixty

How do you spell 53?

How to write 53 ? The answer is: fifty-three.

How do you spell 25?

Spell check of 25 The answer is: twenty-five. Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as 25 . On this page you can see how to spell 25 .

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