How to spell necessarily

What does necessarily mean?

adverb. by or of necessity; as a matter of compulsion or requirement: You don’t necessarily have to attend. as a necessary, logical, or inevitable result: That conclusion doesn’t necessarily follow.

How can I remember the spelling of necessary?

For example, the following is a mnemonic for the word ‘ necessary ‘ – ‘one collar and two sleeves’. This mnemonic could help you remember that the word ‘ necessary ‘ has one ‘c’ and two ‘s’s’, which enables you to remember the tricky parts of this spelling . Mnemonics can also be used to remember tricky homophone spellings .

How do you use necessarily in a sentence?

Necessarily sentence examples These by no means necessarily agree with the Code. He doesn’t necessarily want to be understood. It will undoubtedly make the most profitable seeds possible but not necessarily the healthiest. It’s a long story, one you don’t necessarily need to know to understand your circumstances.

What’s another word for necessarily?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for necessarily , like: needs, importantly, significantly, certainly, indubitably, inevitably, unavoidably, undoubtedly, of necessity, unnecessarily and vitally.

What is inevitably mean?

adjective. unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion. sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable: The inevitable end of human life is death.

How do you spell criticism?

verb (used without object), crit·i·cized, crit·i·ciz·ing. to find fault; judge unfavorably or harshly. to make judgments as to merits and faults.

How do you spell immediately?

How Do You Spell IMMEDIATELY ? Correct spelling for the English word ” immediately ” is [ɪmˈiːdɪətli], [ɪmˈiːdɪətli], [ɪ_m_ˈiː_d_ɪ__ə_t_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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How do you remember to spell beautiful?

How to Spell Beautiful . One helpful trick is the saying “it is important to ‘be a beautiful ‘ person inside and out.” That way you will remember beautiful begins with be a. You might also try a mnemonic device such as “Big Elephants Are Under Trees In Forests Until Light” or make up one of your own.

What does not necessarily mean?

: possibly but not certainly —used to say that something is not definitely trueSeats in the front row are not necessarily the best.

What kind of verb is necessary?

(transitive) To make necessary ; to require (something) to be brought about.

What does possibly mean?

1 : in a possible manner : by any possibility that’s all she could possibly do . 2 : by merest chance : perhaps possibly he will recover. 3 : it is possible or imaginable : conceivably a political libel which may possibly damage me— G. B. Shaw. 3 дня назад

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