How to spell i love you in french

How do you say I love my friend in French?

How to say “I love you ” in French . “I love you ” in French is Je t’aime. And of course, you can say this with a plural “ you ”, as well, for example if you ‘re talking to family members or good friends : Je vous aime.

How do you call a lover in French?

1 – French Love Nicknames Mon amour – my love . Mon ange – my angel. Mon trésor – my treasure. Mon coeur – my heart. Mon canard – my duck – yes, I know… Mon chou – my sweet bun (un chou à la crème is a cream filled puff pastry) – “mon petit chou” is also quite common. Mon chouchou – comes from “mon chou”

How do you say love in every language?

Here’s a list of ways to say “I love you” in different languages French. Je t’aime. (I love you.) Italian. Ti amo. Chinese (Mandarin) 我爱你 [Wǒ ài nǐ ] (I love you.) German. Ich liebe dich. 5. Japanese. 愛してる [Aishiteru] (I love you. Korean. 사랑해요 [Saranghaeyo] (I love you.) Polish. Kocham Cię. Portuguese. Eu te amo (I love you.)

What can I say instead of I Love You More?

100+ Alternative Ways to Say “I Love You !” Every time I look at you , I feel love and inspiration. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you . I made you tacos. I am here for you always. You are my treasure—the most precious thing in my life. You ‘re my baby. I’m all yours. You complete me.

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What do you say before I love you?

9 Things To Say Before ‘I Love You ‘ (And To Keep Saying After) “I’m thinking about you .” So many things demand our attention, so when you make it clear that someone is on your mind, they’ll feel like a priority. “It’s OK.” “I’m really happy for you .” “I want you .” “I miss you .”

What is the sign language for I Love You?

The sign for “I love you ” is a combination of the fingerspelled letter I, L and Y. Your thumb and index finger together form an L, while your little finger forms an I. In addition, your thumb and little finger is expressing a Y. So if you combine all three handshapes, you get I-L-Y for I love you .

How do you say romantic in French?

French translation of ‘ romantic ‘ 1. [ person] romantique. I wish he were more romantic J’aurais aimé qu’il soit plus romantique. 2. [ relationship, attachment] romantique. 3. [ play, film, book] romantique. 4. [ dinner, atmosphere, holiday, place] romantique. 5. (= unrealistic) [view, ideas] romantique.

How do French show their love?

The French don’t follow traditional dating rules. They emphasize having fun, engaging in conversation, and mingling with others over good food and drink. Only later do two people form a relationship and become exclusive in the American sense.

What does BAE mean in French?

The word ” bae ,” which is usually used to describe someone who comes “before anyone else,” has a very different meaning in Danish. It means poop. To add insult to injury, it means “bye” in Icelandic.

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How can I call my love?

When choosing the perfect nickname, you’ll want to highlight your feelings for your significant other. Sweetie or sweetie pie. Pookie. Pumpkin. Lamb chop. Darling. Honey. Muffin. Precious.

What is a Chouchou?

The French online dictionary l’Internaute defines chouchou as “a person who is preferred over others and towards whom all attention is targeted.” In other words, chouchou refers to a ‘teacher’s pet’. This is the most common way of using the expression in French.

What’s a deeper word for love?

1, 2. Love , affection, devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person.

What is a stronger word for love?

Affection Affection conveys feelings of warmth, depth and an intimacy created by a deep underlying love that has matured like a fine wine. Affection is the ultimate expression of love and a deep love that endures the trials and tribulations of life.

What can I say instead of love?

7 Best Words You Can Use Instead of Love Devoted. When you tell your partner the word “devoted,” you show them that you would never intentionally hurt them or cheat on them. Cherish. If you can ‘t tell your partner that you love them, say that you highly cherish your relationship with them. Adore. Worship. Fancy. Fallen. Smitten.

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