How to spell hiney

What is a heiny?

Heinie may refer to: A slang term for the buttocks. A derogatory term used for German soldiers that originated in World War I, short for Heinrich; also a crewcut haircut (from the stereotypical German soldier’s haircut) Heineken International, a Dutch brewing company.

How do you spell the plural of Hiney?

The plural form of hiney is hineys .

What does Hinny mean in slang?

Hinny (noun) a term of endearment; darling; — corrupted from honey.

Is Heine a word?

Proper noun A male given name; rarely used today. A patronymic surname​., notably of Heinrich Heine .

Is Hiney a bad word?

Hiney is a euphemism, meaning it’s a substitute for a word (like the name of a body part) that may be considered impolite to say.

Is Hiney a Scrabble word?

No, hiney is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Where did the word Heinie come from?

Etymology. From a corruption of *hindie, for *behindie (“behind, rear end, hindward parts”), equivalent to hind +‎ -ie.

What is a hinny donkey?

A hinny is the result of breeding between a female donkey and a male horse. A hinny is said to have the body of a donkey and the extremities of a horse. Because a donkey mare is smaller than most horses, hinnies are generally smaller and less common than mules.

Why do Geordies say why aye?

“Why aye , man!” Translation: Yes! A positive, excited or enthusiastic proclamation of agreement.

What is a hinny Geordie?

Geordie saying: hinny . Non Geordie translation: wife, female companion or life partner.

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