How to spell grandma

How do you spell Mamaw for Grandma?

Mamaw definitions (US, dialect, Southern US) Grandmother , especially maternal grandmother . (US, dialect, Southern US, less commonly) Mother.

Is Grandma one word or two?

” grandmother ” — one word — no hyphen is the way to go.

What is short for Grandma?

G-Ma. Pronounced “gee-ma,” this nickname is simply a shorthand version of “ grandma .”

What is Irish name for grandmother?


What does Papaw mean?

Noun. papaw (plural papaws ) (US, dialect, Southern US) Alternative form of pawpaw, a grandfather, especially one’s paternal grandfather.

Is Mimi a grandmother name?

According to, the following are the most popular grandparent names . For grandma , we have Nana, Grammy, Granny, Mimi , Gram, Nanny, Oma, Mamaw and Gran. For grandpa, there’s Papa, Granddad, Gramps, Pop-Pop, Poppy, Papaw, Pop, Opa and Pappy.

Is Grandma an American word?

Grandma is the most common in the Northern US. In the Southern US grandma and meemaw are most common. Immigrant grandmas tend to get their grandkids to use their own first language’s word for grandma .

How do you say Grandma in Hawaiian?

kūkū. 1. (Usually pronounced tūtū.) Granny , grandma , grandpa ; any relative of grandparent’s generation.

Is Grandma a word?

What does grandma mean? Grandma is an informal word for grandmother —the mother of a person’s parent.

How do you say Grandma in Gaelic?

Few people know that the Irish or Gaelic word for grandmother is seanmháthair ((shan a WAW her), literally meaning “old mother.” Alternate spellings include seanmhair, seanmathair and sean mathair. This term would not be used to directly address a grandparent.

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Who invented the word Grandma?

The original form of grandma was grandmama (18th century, OED). So this is simply the result of applying the grand- prefix to the child word . Then, like ma was derived as a shortening of mama, grandma evolved from grandmama. As you can imagine, dad and pa/papa are also child words for father.

Does Gigi mean Grandma?

MawMaw and PawPaw: Similar idea, but this one is more popular in Southern states. Grammy and Grampy: A casual version of ” Grandma ” and “Grandpa” that makes it easier for kids to say. Gigi and Pops: Pronounced “gee-gee,” the two are another fun and easy peasy way to address the grandparents.

What are cool grandma names?

Baba & Gigi. The Ukrainian names for grandparents come naturally to most babbling babies. Yaya & Pappoús. Not only does Greece have beautiful beaches, they have lovely words for grandparents (pronounced “yah-yah” and “pa-poosch”). Nana & Papa. Mawmaw & Pawpaw. Savta & Saba. Geema & Geepa. Bomma & Bonpa. Nonna & Nonno.

What are alternative names for grandma?

Most of these names have been around seemingly forever. Gammy or Gamma or Gams. Gram or Grams. Gramma. Grammy or Grammie. Grandma or Grandmaw. Grandmama. Grandmom. Grandmother .

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