How to spell exhausted

What is the meaning of exhausted?

1 : completely or almost completely depleted of resources or contents … crops are grown in the resulting field for a year or a few years until the soil is exhausted , and then the field is abandoned …— Jared Diamond. 2 : depleted of energy : extremely tired I mean I was just exhausted , totally exhausted .

How do you spell exhaustion?

noun. the act or process of exhausting . the state of being exhausted . extreme weakness or fatigue .

How do you use the word exhausted?

Exhausted sentence examples She was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. “You must be exhausted after your weekend,” he said. Finally, exhausted by tears, Destiny fell asleep. She was exhausted but sleep seemed unlikely. Exhausted by thought and emotion, she drifted into sleep. She was exhausted , and morning would arrive all too soon.

What is another word for extremely tired?

What is another word for extremely tired?

exhausted drained
puffing shattered
wasted frazzled
gasping jaded
sapped weak

What exhaustion feels like?

Fatigue is a feeling of constant tiredness or weakness and can be physical, mental or a combination of both. It can affect anyone, and most adults will experience fatigue at some point in their life.

What is the opposite of exhausted?

Antonyms for exhausted vigorous, animated, unused, refreshed, invigorated, lively, energetic, able, Energized, saved, strong, fresh, restored, stored, firm, active, plenty.

What type of word is exhausted?

adjective. drained of strength or energy; worn-out: The illness left me exhausted , both psychologically and physically.

What is the difference between exhausted and exhausting?

As adjectives the difference between exhausted and exhausting . is that exhausted is depleted; in a state of exhaustion while exhausting is very tiring .

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What does gruel mean?

noun. a light, usually thin, cooked cereal made by boiling meal, especially oatmeal, in water or milk.

Why am I always tired and have no energy?

In most cases, there’s a reason for the fatigue . It might be allergic rhinitis, anemia, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease (COPD), or some other health condition. If that’s the case, then the long-term outlook is good.

How do I stop feeling tired?

Eat often to beat tiredness. Get moving. Lose weight to gain energy. Sleep well. Reduce stress to boost energy. Talking therapy beats fatigue . Cut out caffeine. Drink less alcohol.

How do you use exhaustion in a sentence?

Exhaustion sentence examples Exhaustion forced her to sleep through the night. Finally exhaustion became sleep. Exhaustion from the ordeal was taking its toll on Carmen as well, but she tried to stay awake. Exhaustion took over as soon as her head hit the pillow.

What are the most tired words?

Here Are the 10 Most Overused Words in Your Writing 3 New. 4 Good. 5 Best. 6 Many. 7 Important. 8 Great. 9 First. 10 Able.

What does jaded mean?

1 : fatigued by overwork : exhausted a jaded horse. 2 : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by having or seeing too much of something jaded network viewers jaded voters.

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