How do you spell voluntary

What is the correct spelling of voluntary?

Correct spelling for the English word ” voluntary ” is [vˈɒləntəɹi], [vˈɒləntəɹi], [v_ˈɒ_l_ə_n_t_ə_ɹ_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the difference between voluntary and voluntarily?

As adverbs the difference between voluntarily and voluntary is that voluntarily is in a voluntary manner while voluntary is (obsolete) voluntarily .

What is a voluntary?

adjective. done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one’s own accord or by free choice: a voluntary contribution. of, relating to, or acting in accord with the will: voluntary cooperation.

What is a sentence for voluntary?

Voluntary sentence examples . She’d been trying for years to have his voluntary service revoked. The cult was supported mainly by voluntary contribution. In Great Britain the period of study is voluntary, and usually occupies only one year.

What is an example of voluntary?

Voluntary muscles exhibit rapid contraction and relaxation compared to the involuntary muscles. Some examples of voluntary muscles include the biceps, the triceps, the quadriceps, diaphragm, pectoral muscles, abdominals, hamstrings, etc.

Does voluntary mean optional?

When used as adjectives, optional means not compulsory, whereas voluntary means done, given, or acting of one’s own free will .

What’s another word for voluntarily?

Voluntarily Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus . What is another word for voluntarily ?

willingly freely
without being forced on purpose
of your own accord of one’s own accord
without prompting of your own free will
by preference of one’s own choice

What does voluntary mean in law?

done with one’s consent

What is mean by voluntary and involuntary?

Voluntary : Done in accordance with the conscious will of the individual. The opposite of involuntary . The terms ” voluntary” and “involuntary ” apply to the human nervous system and its control over muscles. The autonomic (automatic or visceral) nervous system regulates individual organ function and is involuntary .

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What is the best synonym for voluntary?

voluntary freewill, self -imposed, uncoerced, unforced, volitional, volunteer, willing.

What is the opposite of voluntary?

▲ Opposite of done deliberately or voluntarily . accidental. inadvertent. unintended.

Is Breathing voluntary or involuntary?

Breathing is required to sustain life, so involuntary respiration allows it to happen when voluntary respiration is not possible, such as during sleep. Involuntary respiration also has metabolic functions that work even when a person is conscious.

What is the part of speech for voluntary?

part of speech : adjective. definition 1: arising from or made of free will or choice. His decision to leave the company was purely voluntary .

What does voluntary movement mean?

Voluntary movements differ from reflexes and basic locomotor rhythms in several important ways. By definition they are intentional—they are initiated by an internal decision to act—whereas reflexes are automatically triggered by external stimuli.

What is voluntary muscle?

Skeletal muscle , also called voluntary muscle , in vertebrates, most common of the three types of muscle in the body. Skeletal muscles are attached to bones by tendons, and they produce all the movements of body parts in relation to each other.

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