How do you spell suitcase

How do u spell suitcase?

Correct spelling for the English word ” suitcase ” is [sˈuːtke͡ɪs], [sˈuːtke‍ɪs], [s_ˈuː_t_k_eɪ_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Luggage mean?

: something that is lugged especially : suitcases for a traveler’s belongings : baggage .

What kind of noun is suitcase?

noun . a usually rectangular piece of luggage especially for carrying clothes while traveling.

Is carry on luggage hyphenated?

APStylebook on Twitter: ” Luggage that you don’t check is carry -on ( hyphenated ). #APStyleChat”

What’s another word for suitcase?

Synonyms for suitcase bag. satchel. grip. portmanteau. valise.

What is a suitcase word?

In his book The Emotional Machine, the late Marvin Minsky coined the term ‘ suitcase word ‘ to describe words into which people attribute—or pack—multiple meanings. Suitcase words can become hazardous when we assume that everyone else attributes the same meaning.

What is the difference between suitcase and luggage?

There is no significant difference in meaning between luggage and baggage . The difference between suitcase and luggage / baggage is mainly a grammatical one. A suitcase is a single object, while luggage and baggage are collective and general terms to refer to everything you carry with you when you are travelling.

What is difference between baggage and luggage?

The major difference between baggage and luggage isn’t in the concrete meaning but in the figurative meaning: we say “emotional baggage ,” “political baggage ,” and “personal baggage ” to refer to intangible things that get in the way—but luggage is never used in this way.

What is the best brand luggage?

The Rundown Best for Adventure Travel: Eagle Creek. Best Budget: AmazonBasics. Best Luxury: Tumi. Best for Business Travel: TravelPro. Most Innovative: Delsey . Best Style: Kenneth Cole Reaction. Best Value: Briggs & Riley . Best for Durability: Victorinox . “Exposes each piece of luggage to 30 quality tests.”

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Is luggage a collective noun?

Collective nouns always refer to living creatures. Similar inanimate nouns , such as furniture and luggage , differ in that they cannot be counted individually. That is why you cannot buy a furniture or a luggage . They always take a singular verb: The bedroom furniture was on sale.”

Is luggage a common noun?

Common nouns are everywhere. Look around you now and you will see many common nouns : door, window, tree, sky, cat, truck, road, computer, phone, bottle, ball, luggage , people, hair.

What is the meaning of aisle?

1a(1) : a passage (as in a theater or railroad passenger car) separating sections of seats. (2) : such a passage regarded as separating opposing parties in a legislature supported by members on both sides of the aisle . b : a passage (as in a store or warehouse) for inside traffic. 3 дня назад

What are different ways to say carry on?

Synonyms for achieve. endure. hang on. last. maintain. perpetuate. persevere. persist.

Is it turn around or turnaround?

“Good consulting firms consistently turn around failing businesses.” As a noun, “ turnaround ” means the total time for a process, or the round trip of a vehicle or other conveyance; also a change of allegiance, opinion, mood, policy, etc.

What is a carry on sentence?

After the huge earthquake the children are still carrying on with their shock. Kids really carry on after getting a scolding from their parents. Despite office policy, Don and Cindy have been secretly carrying on! Lufthansa allows fairly large weight limits for carry -on.

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