How do you spell spiel

What is Schpiel?

is that schpiel is (spiel) while spiel is a lengthy and extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade.

How do you spell speel?

Speel definitions (dialect, Scottish and Northern English) To climb. To talk at length, to spiel.

Is spiel a real word?

A spiel is a lengthy, often glib talk that’s intended to persuade or make excuses. Used as a noun or verb, spiel originates from the German word spielen, meaning “to play.” It’s often somewhat rehearsed and should be greeted with skepticism.

What language is spiel?

Etymology 1 Borrowed from German Spiel (“game, performance”) and/or Yiddish שפּיל‎ (shpil), both from Middle High German spil, from Old High German spil, from Proto-West Germanic *spil. Cognate with Old English spilian (“to revel, play”).

Is speel a word?

speel v. To talk at length, to spiel.

What is another word for spiel?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for spiel , like: line, patter, pitch, promote, speech, babble, blabber, chatter, chitchat, clack and jabber.

How do you spell feel?

verb (used without object), felt , feel ·ing. to make examination by touch; grope. to perceive a state of mind or a condition of body: to feel happy; to feel well. to have a sensation of being: to feel warm.

How do you spell special?

Correct spelling for the English word ” special ” is [spˈɛʃə͡l], [spˈɛʃə‍l], [s_p_ˈɛ_ʃ_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Spheal mean?

A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade. intr. & tr.v. spieled, spiel·ing, spiels. To talk or say (something) at length or extravagantly.

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Is Schmuck a bad word?

Although schmuck is considered an obscene term in Yiddish, it has become a common American idiom for “jerk” or “idiot”. It can be taken as offensive, however, by some Jews, particularly those with strong Yiddish roots.

What does glib mean in English?

1a : showing little forethought or preparation : offhand glib answers. b : marked by ease and informality : nonchalant. c : lacking depth and substance : superficial glib solutions to knotty problems.

Is schlep a Yiddish?

In Yiddish , שלעפּ‎‎, shlep is usually used as a transitive verb for carrying (or dragging) something else, while the English term, ” schlep “, is also used as an intransitive verb, for dragging oneself. In Yiddish , גליטש‎‎, glitsh means “slip”, while the English form, “glitch”, means malfunction.

What does monologue mean?

a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker, especially one dominating or monopolizing a conversation. any composition, as a poem, in which a single person speaks alone. a part of a drama in which a single actor speaks alone; soliloquy.

What does Yiddish mean?

Yiddish (ייִדיש, יידיש or אידיש, yidish or idish, pronounced [ˈ(j)ɪdɪʃ], lit. ‘Jewish’; in older sources ייִדיש-טײַטש, Yidish-Taytsh, lit. ‘ Judaeo-German’) is a High German-derived language historically spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews. Modern Yiddish has two major forms. Eastern Yiddish is far more common today.

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