How do you spell smart

Is Smartest a real word?

Smartest definitions Superlative form of smart : most smart .

What does the word smart mean?

Relevant, Time-Oriented

What is a spelling of intelligent?

having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree. Examples: an intelligent question. Other users have misspelled intelligent as: inteligente – 14.12%

Does smart mean hurt?

The source of “ smart ” is the prehistoric Germanic root word “smert,” which meant “to be painful ; to hurt ,” and which eventually produced our modern English “ smart .” As a verb, “to smart ” has always meant “to hurt ,” usually literally, although later uses have invoked the word in a figurative sense (“The fact that it was

What do you call the smartest person?

genius. noun. someone who is much more intelligent or skilful than other people.

What is the smartest animal in the world?


What are the 5 smart objectives?

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific , Measurable , Achievable , Relevant and Time-based. Each element of the SMART framework works together to create a goal that is carefully planned, clear and trackable.

What’s a big word for smart?

What is another word for smart?

bright intelligent
acute cluey
genius keen
knowing knowledgeable
perceptive percipient

How do you describe a smart person?

adjective. good at thinking clearly and quickly, at understanding difficult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge.

Who is a brilliant person?

intelligent , clever, and brilliant mean having a good amount of mental ability. intelligent is used of a person who can handle new situations and solve problems.

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Is good spelling a sign of intelligence?

We have a long history of linking spelling skills to intelligence . We think people who can’t spell are ignorant, illiterate, or stupid, despite having research dating back to the 1970s that shows that there is no significant association between spelling ability and intelligence .

How do I know if I’m intelligent?

9 Signs You’re More Intelligent Than You Think, According to Science. Intelligence reveals itself in many ways–be smart enough to recognize the variations. You’re creative. Dr. You’re messy. You’re curious. You talk to yourself. You have high self-control. You’re good with being by yourself. You’re funny.

Is intelligence the same as smart?

For many people, there is no difference between smart and intelligent , because the words seem to be interchangeable. Intelligence , on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is a measurement of your intelligence , and doesn’t change because it is a measure of your ability to learn.

What’s the difference between smart and intelligent?

Smart can be described as a student that has a correct answer but, intelligent can be described as a student that solves the problem or tries to answer the question from a different perspective or by using other means/resources.

What is the difference between smart and over smart?

Smartness is a positive attribute and to call someone that is a compliment. Over smartness is a negative attribute and to call someone that is a criticism. Originally Answered: What’s the main difference between smart and over smart ?

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