How do you spell sieve

How do you spell sive?

noun. an instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter, for straining liquids, etc., especially one with a circular frame and fine meshes or perforations.

What is a sieve?

A fine mesh strainer, also known as sift, commonly known as sieve , is a device for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for characterizing the particle size distribution of a sample, typically using a woven screen such as a mesh or net or metal. The word “sift” derives from ” sieve “.

Is Sive a word?

1. An obsolete spelling of sieve .

How do you use sieve in a sentence?

Sieve in a Sentence Use a sieve to remove the pulp from the juice. Before I add the spaghetti noodles to the sauce, I need to strain them in a sieve . Jill used a sieve to remove the unwanted pieces of fruit from the punch. On our goldmine field trip, we used a sieve to sift dirt in hopes of finding gold nuggets.

What does sive mean in English?

(rare) The amount that fits in a sieve .

What is another name for sieve?

What is another word for sieve?

sifter strainer
colander filter
riddle screen
griddle basket
mesh muslin cloth

What is sieve number?

The sieve is used to classify the soil into group like gravelly, sandy or clayey in nature. The sieve number denotes the number of holes present in the sieve within one inch length of the sieve mesh. For example, consider the Number 4 sieve which have a mesh opening of 4.76 mm.

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Why is sieve pronounced SIV?

Pen-SEEV indeed!! (For anyone who didn’t realise, ‘ sieve ‘ is pronounced ‘ siv ‘ as per the kitchen utensil, so the word is pronounced PEN- siv , sounding like ‘pensive’.)

What can be separated by sieving?

Sieving . A mixture made of solid particles of different sizes, for example sand and gravel, can be separated by sieving .

What is sive PewDiePie?

More. Muhammed Osman (born: January 9, 1995 (1995-01-09) [age 25]), better known online as Sive , Sivemorten or Brad 2, is an English YouTuber known for being the editor for PewDiePie . He also got the YouTube verification badge as a small YouTuber before YouTube’s verification criteria was 100,000 subscribers or above.

Is Nive a Scrabble word?

NIVE is not a valid scrabble word .

Is Sice a Scrabble word?

SICE is a valid scrabble word .

What is a sieve in math?

A process of successively crossing out members of a list according to a set of rules such that only some remain. The best known sieve is the sieve of Eratosthenes for generating prime numbers. In fact, numbers generated by sieves seem to share a surprisingly large number of properties with the prime numbers.

What does churning mean?

verb (used with object) to agitate in order to make into butter: to churn cream. to make (butter) by the agitation of cream. to shake or agitate with violence or continued motion: The storm churned the sea. to turn over and over in the mind: His brain slowly churned all the choices and possibilities.

Where is sieving is used?

Sieving is a process by which fine particles are separated from bigger particles by using a sieve . It is used in flour mill or at construction sites. In flour mill, impurities like husks and stones are removed from wheat. Pebbles and stones are removed from sand by sieving .

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