How do you spell rescind

What does rescinded mean?

1 : to take away : remove. 2a : take back, cancel refused to rescind the order. b : to abrogate (a contract) and restore the parties to the positions they would have occupied had there been no contract. 3 : to make void by action of the enacting authority or a superior authority : repeal rescind an act.

How do you spell resending?

Resending definitions Resending is the process of sending something again or back. An example of resending is the process of putting a wedding invitation in the mail that was lost the first time around. noun. Present participle of resend . verb.

How do you use rescind?

Rescind sentence examples As a preliminary to negotiation, the government was required to rescind all the obnoxious measures. The Resolutioners, or supporters of the resolution to rescind that act, were opposed by the Protesters, the rigid adherents to the strictest interpretation of the Covenant.

What is the noun for rescind?

rescission . An act of removing, taking away, or taking back. (law) The undoing of a contract; repeal.

What is another word for rescinded?

SYNONYMS FOR rescind 1 nullify; retract, withdraw. 2 countermand, repeal, veto.

What does termination rescinded mean?

Rescinding a contract means ending it and returning all parties to the position they were in prior to the contract’s existence. All benefits must be returned. No damages are awarded and rescission prevents parties from future action in relation to the contract.

What does rescinded mean in law?

The word ‘ rescission ‘ means revoked or cancelled. Furthermore, a rescission is often agreed to by all parties to the contract. On that basis, when a contract is rescinded , it is rescinded on mutual terms.

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Is resending one word?

The word “ resent ” (meaning “sent again”) could seem to be a misspelling of the adjective “recent,” or a misuse of the verb “ resent ” (meaning to feel indignant about something) and so it is hyphenated as “re-sent” to show that it is actually composed of the prefix “re” and the word “sent.”

Is it resent or resend?

The past tense of resend is pronounced /ri:sent/. The past tense of resend and resent may have the same spelling, they are not pronounced the same way. The past tense of resend is ‘ resent ‘. Following are the different forms of the verb resend .

How do you use rescind in a sentence?

Rescind in a Sentence I cannot believe Janice’s boyfriend tried to rescind his marriage proposal! Because of illegal alcohol sales, the government had to rescind the prohibition act. Once their union demands were met, the workers agreed to rescind the strike.

What does rescinded mean in insurance?

If an insurance policy is rescinded , as opposed to canceled or terminated, it will be as if the agreement made between the policyholder and the insurance company was never made. This means the policyholder should get back any premiums they paid to the insurance company.

What does it mean to resend something?

transitive verb. : to send again or back.

What is the purpose of rescission?

Rescission is the unwinding of a transaction. This is done to bring the parties, as far as possible, back to the position in which they were before they entered into a contract (the status quo ante).

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What is an example of rescission?

Rescission Example The most common example of rescission is the three-day right of rescission , in which a borrower refinancing a loan has extra time to reconsider the decision. The borrower must affirm the decision to exercise the right of rescission by midnight of the third day after signing the contract.

What does rescind mean in real estate?

In real estate , the right of rescission is the right to rescind (cancel) a contract involving the sale of property or a mortgage for a refinance. In a sale, both buyer and seller may have the right of rescission if certain contingencies are not met.

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