How do you spell regimen

How do you use regimen in a sentence?

Regimen sentence examples First, the regimen of the river is nearly constant. On a similar occasion the disease returned; with difficulty he reached Hamadan, where, finding the disease gaining ground, he refused to keep up the regimen imposed, and resigned himself to his fate.

What regimen means?

1a : a systematic plan (as of diet, therapy, or medication) especially when designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient. b : a regular course of action and especially of strenuous training the daily regimen of athletes. 2 : government, rule. 3 : regime sense 1c.

What is another word for regimen?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for regimen , like: government, process, regime, rule, system, care, rehabilitation, treatment, rehab, health and help.

What’s the difference between regime and regimen?

Regime and regimen are two words writers often confuse. Regimen would be use to refer to a scheduled activity, like exercise. “She followed her weight-lifting regimen almost religiously.” Regime , on the other hand, refers to governments or periods of rule.

What is an example of a regime?

Regime is an accepted way things are done or a group that is in control and has power. An example of regime is military training. An example of regime is a dictatorship. The period during which a particular administration or system prevails.

What does skin regimen mean?

A regimen is a systematic plan for some kind of therapy. If you wash your face twice a day, apply medicine to your acne, and use a special lotion, that’s your skin -care regimen .

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What does stoically mean?

adjective. impassive; characterized by a calm, austere fortitude befitting the Stoics: a stoical sufferer.

What does the word innovations mean?

What does innovation mean ? Innovation can refer to something new, such as an invention, or the practice of developing and introducing new things. An innovation is often a new product, but it can also be a new way of doing something or even a new way of thinking.

What is a training regimen?

Generally speaking, a regimen is a systematic plan or course of action. It is often specifically applied to a plan for, say, administering medication, following a diet, or taking care of something pertaining to the self: Wilson also attributed it to the core and shoulder work he does as part of his training regimen .

What is another word for schedule?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for schedule , like: routine, agenda , catalogue, registry, order-of-business, calendar, record, register, list, plan and program.

Which is the closest synonym for the word regimen as it is used in the article?

Regimen Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus . What is another word for regimen ?

procedure system
diet treatment
control menu
course of therapy method
practice plan

Are regimen and regime interchangeable?

No, regime and regimen are synonyms! Think about the origin of regime . It comes from a Latin word meaning rule. If a governmental regime imposed a set of rules for its subjects, it would be imposing a regimen or a system of doing things.

Is regime a bad word?

While the word régime originates as a synonym for any type of government, modern usage has given it a negative connotation, implying an authoritarian government or dictatorship.

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What does detrimental mean?

obviously harmful

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