How do you spell portray

What does it mean to portray something?

to make a likeness of by drawing, painting, carving, or the like. to depict in words; describe graphically. to represent dramatically, as on the stage: He portrayed Napoleon in the play.

How do you portray someone?

To portray a person is to show who that person is, giving a sense of their personality or character. Often, famous people don’t like how they’re portrayed . For example, Presidents usually hate how they’re portrayed in editorial cartoons. When you portray someone , you can be positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate.

How do you use the word portray?

Examples of portray in a Sentence The lawyer portrayed his client as a victim of child abuse. He portrayed himself as a victim. The painting portrays the queen in a purple robe. Laurence Olivier portrayed Hamlet beautifully.

What is the noun of portray?

noun . /pɔːˈtreɪəl/ /pɔːrˈtreɪəl/ [countable, uncountable] ​the act of showing or describing somebody/something in a picture, play, book, etc.; a particular way in which this is done.

What does depiction mean?

noun. representation in image form, as in a painting or illustration: Picasso’s painting Guernica is an accurate depiction of the horrors of war. representation or characterization in words: Mark Twain’s letters are a clear depiction of his life and times. an act or instance of depicting .

What does it mean to portray a person?

To portray is to depict or describe something or someone in a certain way. When you make everyone believe your spouse is mean , this is an example of a situation where you portray your spouse as a mean person . To make a picture or portrait of; depict; delineate.

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What’s the meaning of betray?

verb (used with object) to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty: Benedict Arnold betrayed his country. to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to: to betray one’s friends. to reveal or disclose in violation of confidence: to betray a secret.

What does capability mean?

of being capable; capacity

What does smuggler mean?

countable noun. Smugglers are people who take goods into or out of a country illegally. drug smugglers . Synonyms: trafficker, runner, bootlegger, moonshiner [US] More Synonyms of smuggler .

What is difference between portray and depict?

Portray is a synonym of depict . is that portray is to paint or draw the likeness of while depict is to render a representation of something, using words, sounds, images, or other means.

What part of speech is portray?


part of speech : transitive verb
inflections: portrays , portraying , portrayed

What is the past tense of portray?

past tense of portray is portrayed .

Is Misportrayal a word?

verb. To portray incorrectly or inadequately; to misrepresent.

Do synonyms English?

In this page you can discover 80 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for do , like: deal with, give, accomplish, finish, achieve, decipher, doh, make out, effect, carry out and fulfill.

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