How do you spell moment

What does Moment Mean?

noun. an indefinitely short period of time; instant: I’ll be with you in a moment . the present time or any other particular time: He is busy at the moment . a definite period or stage, as in a course of events; juncture: at this moment in history. importance or consequence: a decision of great moment .

What is another word for moments?

Some common synonyms of moment are consequence, importance, significance, and weight.

What is the make sentence of moment?

For a moment he studied her face. It was a moment of supreme happiness. Every woman should have her princess moment , don’t you think? For a moment she struggled with him until something changed in his eyes.

How do you spell believe?

believe belive – 54.82% beleive – 9.6% beleave – 4.35% believ – 3.02% beleve – 2.18% blev – 1.87% Other – 24.16%

What is Moment example?

A moment is the name for the turning effect that forces exert on objects. For example imagine pushing a door open. You push on the door handle and the door rotates around its hinges (the hinges are a pivot). The larger the perpendicular distance the larger the turning effect ( moment ).

Is moment a force?

A moment is a turning effect of a force . Forces can make objects turn if there is a pivot .

What does short time mean?

a system of working, usually for a temporary period , when employees are required to work and be paid for fewer than their normal hours per week due to a shortage of work. WORD OF THE DAY.

What is the opposite of a moment?

Antonyms of MOMENT puniness, eternity, whole, anonymity, odium, history, infamy, loss, disgrace, discredit, obscurity, past, insignificance, worthlessness, triviality, dishonor, future, disadvantage, disrepute, unimportance, shame, lifetime, ignominy, paltriness, hereafter, forever, opprobrium, infinity, valuelessness.

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What is moment in simple words?

In physics, moment of force (often just moment ) is a measure of its tendency to cause a body to rotate about a specific point or axis. In this concept the moment arm, the distance from the axis of rotation, plays an important role. In physics, a moment is a combination of a physical quantity and a distance.

Is a moment a minute?

A few hundred years ago, the word “ moment ” used to mean a precise amount of time, just like a minute equals 60 seconds.

What does have a moment mean?

phrase. If something or someone is having a moment , they are successful or popular at the present time. [informal] Long skirts are having a moment . See full dictionary entry for moment .

What word generally means believing?

Words related to believing positive, convinced, presuming, assuming, accepting, certain, sure, undoubting.

How do you spell Chief?

noun. the head or leader of an organized body of people; the person highest in authority: the chief of police.

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