How do you spell imminent

What does it mean if something is imminent?

adjective. likely to occur at any moment; impending : Her death is imminent .

How do you use imminent in a sentence?

Imminent sentence examples The birth of her child was imminent , if not past due. There was no luggage standing by to indicate an imminent departure. In 1678 war seemed imminent between France and England. When an attack was imminent , I called Brady and made him swear to take care of you.

How do you spell eminent?

Definition of eminent 1 : exhibiting eminence especially in standing above others in some quality or position : prominent. 2 : standing out so as to be readily perceived or noted : conspicuous. 3 : jutting out : projecting.

What is the difference between eminent and imminent?

Imminent is an adjective meaning something’s about to happen. Eminent is an adjective describing a person (or thing) that is famous and respected within a specific sphere or profession.

What is the definition of imminent danger?

The threat must be immediate or imminent . This means that you must believe that death or serious physical harm could occur within a short time, for example before OSHA could investigate the problem. OSHA has the right to ask a federal court to order the employer to eliminate the imminent danger .

What does immensely mean?

: to a very great or immense degree or extent : exceedingly, enormously We enjoyed ourselves immensely .

What are the synonyms of imminent?

Synonyms for forthcoming . immediate. inevitable. likely. looming. possible. probable. unavoidable.

What does imminent mean in law?

Impending ; menacingly close at hand; threatening. Imminent peril, for example, is danger that is certain, immediate, and impending , such as the type an individual might be in as a result of a serious illness or accident.

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What is the opposite of imminent?

Opposite of about to happen. late. recent. remote. delayed.

How do you use the word eminent?

Eminent sentence examples It has an old town hall, a theatre and several statues of eminent men. He was in 929 an eminent degree a great master-builder. Destutt de Tracy was the last eminent representative of the sensualistic school which Condillac founded in France upon a one-sided interpretation of Locke.

Who is an eminent person?

An eminent person is well-known and respected, especially because they are good at their profession. an eminent scientist. Synonyms: prominent, high, great, important More Synonyms of eminent .

What’s the difference between whose and who’s?

Who’s is a contraction linking the words who is or who has, and whose is the possessive form of who . They may sound the same, but spelling them correctly can be tricky.

What does steeped mean?

to wet thoroughly in or with a liquid; drench; saturate; imbue. to immerse in or saturate or imbue with some pervading, absorbing, or stupefying influence or agency: an incident steeped in mystery.

What does illustrious mean?

adjective. highly distinguished; renowned; famous: an illustrious leader. glorious, as deeds or works: many illustrious achievements. Obsolete. luminous; bright.

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