How do you spell ferocious

What does ferociously mean?

adjective. savagely fierce, as a wild beast, person, action, or aspect; violently cruel: a ferocious beating. extreme or intense: a ferocious thirst.

How do you use ferocious in a sentence?

Ferocious sentence examples The stories of his ferocious savagery exceed belief. After a ferocious contest, the Danes were practically annihilated. Ferocious yells of triumph rang from the mob. They fought with the grey swords, combining the sword dance with hand-to-hand combat moves for a ferocious battle that surprised her.

What is the root word of ferocious?

The Latin word ferus, which means “wild,” is the root of not only ferocity , but ferocious and fierce . Ferocity came directly from the Latin ferocitatem, “fierceness, or wildness.”

What is the noun for ferocious?

noun . a ferocious quality or state; savage fierceness.

What does furiously mean?

When you do something furiously , you do it in a very angry manner. If you furiously tell your friend to stop looking at her phone while she drives, she’s going to know you’re serious.

What is the opposite word of ferocious?

Antonyms for ferocious nice, merciful, sympathetic, tame, giving, tender, compassionate, gentle, pleasant, calm, innocent, satisfied, considerate, nonviolent, kind, mild.

What type of word is ferocious?

adjective. savagely fierce, as a wild beast, person, action, or aspect; violently cruel: a ferocious beating. extreme or intense: a ferocious thirst.

What fierce means?

fierce , ferocious , barbarous, savage, cruel mean showing fury or malignity in looks or actions. fierce applies to humans and animals that inspire terror because of their wild and menacing aspect or fury in attack. fierce warriors ferocious implies extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality.

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What does voracious mean?

adjective. craving or consuming large quantities of food: a voracious appetite. exceedingly eager or avid: voracious readers; a voracious collector.

What is another word for ferocity?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ferocity , like: ferocious , ferity, savagery, fierceness, barbarity, cruelty, barbaric, feral, sanguinary, tartarly and vandalic.

What does umbrage mean?

noun. offense; annoyance; displeasure: to feel umbrage at a social snub; to give umbrage to someone; to take umbrage at someone’s rudeness. the slightest indication or vaguest feeling of suspicion, doubt, hostility, or the like.

What does sheepishly mean?

1 : like a sheep (as in being meek or shy) 2 : feeling or showing embarrassment especially over being discovered having done something wrong or foolish a sheepish look. Other Words from sheepish . sheepishly adverb.

What part of speech is ferocious?


part of speech : adjective
definition 1: cruelly savage; fierce . synonyms : brutal, fierce , savage, truculent, vicious antonyms: gentle, mild, tame similar words: bestial, bloodthirsty, feral, sanguinary, violent, wild

What part of speech is sheepishly?


What is the meaning of Carnivore?

noun. an animal that eats flesh. a flesh-eating mammal of the order Carnivora, comprising the dogs, cats, bears, seals, and weasels. an insectivorous plant.

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