How do you spell epitome

What is the best definition of Epitome?

1 : a typical or ideal example : embodiment the British monarchy itself is the epitome of tradition— Richard Joseph. 2a : a summary of a written work. b : a brief presentation or statement of something. 3 : brief or miniature form —usually used with in.

How do you spell epitomy?

Taken directly from Greek, where it means “abridgement,” “ epitome ” is now most often used to designate an extremely representative example of the general class: “Snow White is the epitome of a Disney cartoon feature.” Those who don’t misspell this word often mispronounce it, misled by its spelling , as “EP-i-tohm,” but

How do you use the word epitome?

Epitome sentence examples The fashions presented were the epitome of the style of the 1930s. The hotel was the epitome of British colonial elegance in Jamaica. His lifestyle was the epitome of unsustainable living. The epitome of feminine beauty might become the rotund figure on which the momma appears to pride herself.

Are there two ways to pronounce epitome?

As reported by the NOAD and the OED, Epitome is pronounced /əˈpɪdəmi/ in American English and /ɪˈpɪtəmi/ (or /ɛˈpɪtəmi/) in British English.

What is the opposite of Epitome?

the opposite of epitome is antithesis.

What’s the definition of Epitome?

noun. a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class: He is the epitome of goodness. a condensed account, especially of a literary work; abstract.

What is a synonym for Epitome?

SYNONYMS . personification, embodiment, incarnation, paragon. essence, quintessence, archetype, paradigm, typification, type. exemplar, definitive example, prototype.

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Is Epitome a negative word?

It could be used for something positive or negative . As to the definite or indefinite article, it depends on the will see the epitome more frequently in colloquial usage.

Why is epitome pronounced differently?

Originally, tome in English referred to one volume from a set of books. The apparently un-English pronunciation of epitome reflects its Greek roots; don’t let the tome connection fool you phonetically.

What’s the meaning of epitome of beauty?

1 a typical example of a characteristic or class; embodiment; personification. he is the epitome of sloth. 2 a summary of a written work; abstract.

What does epitaph mean?

noun. a commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument about the person buried at that site. a brief poem or other writing in praise of a deceased person.

What is the plural of Epitome?

epitome . /ɪˈpɪtəmi/ plural epitomes. Learner’s definition of EPITOME . : a perfect example : an example that represents or expresses something very well — usually used in the phrase the epitome of.

What is the most mispronounced word in English?

Let’s take a look at them and learn to avoid 10 of the most common English pronunciation mistakes. Clothes. This word has only one syllable, the ‘e’ is silent and the ‘s’ makes a ‘zzz’ sound. Colleague. This word only has two syllables ‘koh-leeg’. February. Athlete . Escape and especially. Wednesday. Prescription. Ask.

What word takes 3 hours to say?

ISOLEUCINE. Note the ellipses. All told, the full chemical name for the human protein titin is 189,819 letters, and takes about three -and-a-half hours to pronounce .

What is the hardest word to say?

The Most Difficult English Word To Pronounce Colonel. Penguin. Sixth. Isthmus. Anemone. Squirrel. Choir. Worcestershire.

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