Orbital period equation

How do you calculate orbital period?

Formula: P2=ka3 where: P = period of the orbit, measured in units of time. a = average distance of the object, measured in units of distance.Formula: F = G M1M2/R2 where:F = force of gravity.M1,M2 = masses of the objects involved.R = distance between their centers of mass (usually just their centers)G = a constant.

What is the equation for orbital radius?

Kepler’s Third law can be used to determine the orbital radius of the planet if the mass of the orbiting star is known (R3=T2−Mstar/Msun, the radius is in AU and the period is in earth years).

How do you calculate the orbital period of Neptune?

Orbital Period: With an average orbital speed of 5.43 km/s, it takes Neptune 164.8 Earth years (60,182 Earth days) to complete a single orbital period. This means, in effect, that a year on Neptune lasts as long as about 165 years here on Earth.

What unit is orbital period measured in?

If the size of the orbit (a) is expressed in astronomical units (1 AU equals the average distance between the Earth and Sun) and the period (P) is measured in years, then Kepler’s Third Law says P2 = a3. where P is in Earth years, a is in AU and M is the mass of the central object in units of the mass of the Sun.

What is Earth’s orbital period?

365 days

What is orbital radius?

For approximately circular orbits the orbital radius is the distance from an object in space to the body which it is orbiting.

Does mass affect orbital period?

1 Answer. An increase in the mass of he orbited body causes a decrease in the orbital period.

What affects orbital period?

Thus the orbital period in low orbit depends only on the density of the central body, regardless of its size. So, for the Earth as the central body (or any other spherically symmetric body with the same mean density, about 5,515 kg/m3, e.g. Mercury with 5,427 kg/m3 and Venus with 5,243 kg/m3) we get: T = 1.41 hours.

What is Mars orbital period?

687 days

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What is the orbital period of Saturn?

29 years

What is Mercury’s orbital period?

88 days

What is orbital period of the moon?

27 days

What is the moon’s orbital velocity?

Orbital parameters (for orbit about the Earth)

Synodic period (days) 29.53
Mean orbital velocity (km/s) 1.022
Max. orbital velocity (km/s) 1.082
Min. orbital velocity (km/s) 0.970

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