Volume equation sphere

How do you find the volume of a sphere given the circumference?

Sphere Formulas in terms of radius r:Volume of a sphere: V = (4/3)πr. Circumference of a sphere: C = 2πr.Surface area of a sphere: A = 4πr.

Who gave a rule for finding the volume of a sphere?


How do you find the volume of a 4 dimensional sphere?

A 4 dimensional sphere has two ‘volumes’. An interior volume, which is 4 dimensional, and a surface volume which is 3 dimensional. The formula for its interior volume is V = (1/2)(pi^2)(r^4). The formula for its surface volume is 2(pi^2)(r^3).

What is the volume formula?

Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Table 3. Volume Formulas
Shape Formula Variables
Cube V=s3 s is the length of the side.
Right Rectangular Prism V=LWH L is the length, W is the width and H is the height.
Prism or Cylinder V=Ah A is the area of the base, h is the height.

What is the volume of a 2 inch sphere?

What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 2 in?Volume of a 2 Inch Sphere.

33.510 cubic inches
0.14507 gallons

What is the volume of circle?

For example, to calculate the volume of a cone with a radius of 5cm and a height of 10cm: The area within a circle = πr2 (where π (pi) is approximately 3.14 and r is the radius of the circle). In this example, area of base (circle) = πr2 = 3.14 × 5 × 5 = 78.5cm2.

What is TSA of sphere?

It can be characterized as the set of all points located distance r (radius) away from a given point (center). It is perfectly symmetrical, and has no edges or vertices. A sphere with radius r has a volume of 4 3 π r 3 frac{4}{3} pi r^3 34πr3 and a surface area of 4 π r 2 4 pi r^2 4πr2.

How do you find the volume of a bowl?

(d) diameter of the opening of the bowl. (h) height of the bowl.The Math / ScienceV = volume of the spherical bowl.h = height to the rim.r = radius of the opening.

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What is a 4 dimensional sphere called?


How many dimensions is a sphere?


What is 4 Pi R Square?

The Area of a Sphere is equal to the Square of the Radius of the sphere multiplied by 12.566 ( 4 × π) or Pi times the Diameter squared ( π × D × D ).

What is the SI unit of volume?

In the International System of Units (SI), the standard unit of volume is the cubic metre (m3). The metric system also includes the litre (L) as a unit of volume, where one litre is the volume of a 10-centimetre cube. Thus 1 litre = (10 cm)3 = 1000 cubic centimetres = 0.001 cubic metres, so.

How do you calculate the volume of a well?

Say our example well has a two foot diameter. We’d divide that by two, and get a one foot radius. Multiply that by pi, and then the height of nine feet, and you’ve got the well volume: Approximately 28.3 cubic feet.

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