Equation of a sphere with center and radius

What is the equation for the radius of a sphere?

Use the formula r = √(A/(4π)). The surface area of a sphere is derived from the equation A = 4πr2. Solving for the r variable yields √(A/(4π)) = r, meaning that the radius of a sphere is equal to the square root of the surface area divided by 4π.

What is the radius of a sphere with center at the origin?

The radius of the sphere is √101 or 10.05 units.

What is equation of sphere?

x2 + y2 + z2 = r2 which is called the equation of a sphere. If (a, b, c) is the centre of the sphere, r represents the radius, and x, y, and z are the coordinates of the points on the surface of the sphere, then the general equation of a sphere is (x – a)² + (y – b)² + (z – c)² = r²

What is the formula to find radius?

The center-radius form of the circle equation is in the format (x – h)2 + (y – k)2 = r2, with the center being at the point (h, k) and the radius being “r”. This form of the equation is helpful, since you can easily find the center and the radius.

What is the diameter of a sphere?

The diameter of a sphere is the maximum distance between two antipodal points on the surface of the sphere. If is the radius of a circle or sphere, then .

How do you find the surface area and volume of a sphere?

Sphere Formulas in terms of radius r:Volume of a sphere: V = (4/3)πr. Circumference of a sphere: C = 2πr.Surface area of a sphere: A = 4πr.

How do you find the weight of a sphere?

You might calculate volume using the sphere’s radius, circumference or diameter. You can also submerge the sphere in water to find its volume by displacement. Once you know the volume, you can multiply by the density to find the mass.

What is the center of a sphere called?

Total surface area S. Volume: V. A sphere is the set of all points in a space equidistant from a given point called the center of the sphere. The distance between any point of the sphere and its centre is called the radius. The inside of a sphere is called a ball.

Can a sphere have a negative radius?

Originally Answered: Is it possible for a sphere or circle to have a negative diameter? No. All points on the circle and it’s center can have negative coordinates but as distance or any measurement cannot be negative and the radius is the distance between the centre and any point on the circle, it can’t be negative.

What is the equation of a sphere in spherical coordinates?

A sphere that has the Cartesian equation x2 + y2 + z2 = c2 has the simple equation r = c in spherical coordinates.

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